Dad of the year or overbearing father

Dad of the year or overbearing father
Photo credit: Twitter/Tom Munns

A Welsh father has gone rogue while trying to help his child by pushing him to stop a goal during a football match. 

The man's son was goalkeeper for his team who were playing another under eight side. 

As his opponents dribble the ball down the field, the boy's dad pushes him in front of the ball to stop them scoring a goal.

While the wee lad gets back on his feet, his opponents score, kicking the ball back in the goal, despite his dad's efforts to avoid it happening. 

The clip of the unforgiving father has gone viral on social media with many people praising his actions calling him 'Dad of the Year'. 

"I feel so much better about my parenting," another person wrote.

Others have criticised him, one person saying "too many parents like this think they can give advice but never kicked a ball in their lives, leave it to the coaches".