Death toll soars from Californian wildfires as hundreds of thousands evacuate

The death toll has soared to 23 in the California wildfires - and more than 100 people are missing.

The dead were found in their cars, houses and on the streets of the town of Paradise, which has been destroyed by the blaze.

For firefighters, it has been an around the clock battle in Southern California, with the unstoppable flames doubling in size overnight.

The wildfires have forced the evacuation of 250,000 people and their pets as they burn through 70,000 acres near the beachside town of Malibu.

And the flames are not escapable, even by the rich and famous like Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner.

Their prized positions, multi-million dollar mansions, were among the homes destroyed by the unforgivable flames.

The fight on the front line of the largest of the three fires is one to not only save homes, but lives as well.

Six people have been found dead in their cars, while dozens remain missing.

There are growing fears winds will pick up again - and as the forecast changes, it's not in the favour of the firefighters.