'I'm an international lawyer!': Woman in drunken rant after being refused alcohol on Air India flight

A 50-year-old Irish woman has been arrested after launching an expletive-laden tirade at Air India staff during a flight from Mumbai to London last Saturday.

The business class woman demanded to speak to the pilot because cabin crew refused to give her any more alcohol as she was already intoxicated.

Footage shows the woman swearing profusely at crew members and calling a staff member an "Indian f**king money-grabbing bastard", as well as hurling abusive language at the pilot.

The woman claims to be an international criminal lawyer and the leader of a boycott movement, and threatened to sue Air India.

"I am a f**king international lawyer. I work for all of you f**king people... the f**king people of Asia," she can be heard shouting at cabin crew.

"Don't get any money for it by the way. But you won't give me a glass of wine - is that right?"

A female crew member reportedly posted a picture of her bruised arm, dodged by the drunken woman.

Praises have since flooded in for Air India staff from social media users, over their calm demeanor during the incident.

London Metropolitan Police have assured public that the woman was arrested and taken into custody upon landing at Heathrow Airport.