Large alligator discovered in Missouri hot tub

  • 10/11/2018
Large alligator discovered in Missouri hot tub
Photo credit: Getty

A homeowner in the US state of Missouri have been forced to evict both a tenant and a two-metre-long alligator, despite the fact it's supposedly a gentle pet.

The landlord discovered the alligator, named Catfish, living in a hot tub during the eviction.

Animal control workers also found two boa constrictors and a rabbit on the premises, KTLA reports.

A specialist removed the alligator and nobody was injured in the process. He's now gone to the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in Greenwood. The snakes and rabbit have been taken to an animal shelter.

Catfish's owner Sean Casey was very upset at the loss of his pet, for who he built a ramp out of the hot tub to let to roam the house.

"That's my pet. He's my little buddy," Mr Casey told KTLA.

"He liked to come sit on my lap, he smiled, you could tell he smiled a lot."

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Neighborhood and Housing Services Department said homeowners are not allowed to own alligators.