'Laziness is not a disability': UK mother furious over note left on car

'Laziness is not a disability': UK mother furious over note left on car
Photo credit: Facebook\Emma Gearing

The mother of a disabled child in the UK is furious after a 'heartless' person left a nasty note on her car questioning her right to use a disabled parking badge. 

Emma Gearing, was accused of being lazy when she used the blue disability parking badge for her disabled son, who has complex medical needs, in Maidstone, UK. 

She told the BBC she used the badge on Tuesday afternoon while she visited the doctor and waited to pick up her other son from school.

When she returned she found the note that read "laziness is not a disability".

"Using a disabled badge when you don't need it could cost you $2000 and permanent removal of the badge. Don't take your good health for granted," the note continued. 

The 26-year-old mother slammed the culprit as "heartless".

"For you to have the audacity to leave this note on my car without confronting me or asking why I parked there... I would of quite happier told you or showed you my son's peg in his stomach which may I add is the only way he is fed," Ms Gearing wrote in a note on Facebook. 

"I think it is disgusting how people can judge to quickly."

She said not all medical disabilities are always obvious and hopes for her post to go viral to find the person who left the note.