Man compensated by Bunnings after slipping on onion happy with new rule

Hardware chain Bunnings' new onion safety recommendations are being welcomed by an Australian man who slipped over on a stray onion.

Trevor, 65, signed a non-disclosure agreement with Bunnings and was compensated after he slipped three years ago, ABC News reports. 

Bunnings offered to get Trevor, who didn't want his surname revealed, an ambulance after his fall, which he declined. But he was worried he may have injured his new hip from a hip replacement surgery so he got an MRI scan.

Luckily Trevor was not injured but he decided to pursue Bunnings for the emotional stress he had endured. 

"I went to another Bunnings a couple of weeks after and I had a panic attack," he told ABC. 

"Every time I go into Bunnings now I look on the floor - I look for onions."

Bunnings has announced that from now on, all on-site sausage sizzles should abide by a controversial new rule: onions should be placed underneath the sausage to stop them falling out and creating a slipping hazard. 

And while there has been much debate over the bizarre new rule, Trevor says it is no laughing matter. 

"It is serious stuff, this onion thing," he told ABC. 

Trevor had originally pushed for Bunnings to stop customers eating sausages from their sausage sizzle but is instead happy with the store's new recommendations.