Man whips out penis, performs helicopter moves on Scotland McDonald's counter

  • 23/11/2018

As patrons at an Edinburgh McDonald's got out their wallets to pay for their early morning feed, one drunk man whipped something else out - his penis.

According to police, Ryan Dolan was standing only metres from the fast food outlet's counter at 5am on Wednesday when "out of the blue" he removed his clothes and started "playing with his penis".

After dancing around the store, the show went on when Mr Dolan jumped over the counter into the staff area and began "carrying out helicopter-like moves with his penis".

He soon left the store but was later arrested for committing public indecency, which prosecutor Nicole Lavelle called "boisterous acts, heavily fuelled by alcohol".

Mr Dolan had limited recollection of the incident, but pleaded guilty. He was fined nearly NZ$1000, which he will pay back on a monthly repayment scheme.