'Sub-human': Sickening letter for US woman after moving into new house

  • 05/11/2018
Connie Mella.
Connie Mella. Photo credit: ABC

A US woman has received a horrendous hate-fueled letter littered with racist comments after moving into her new neighbourhood. 

Connie Mella was shocked after she found the letter, which included a threat to firebomb her house if her family made too much noise, in the mailbox of her new abode in Philadelphia. 

Ms Mella, originally from the Dominican Republic, is a US citizen and has lived in the country for almost two decades. 

She had recently moved into the new home with her mother, husband and seven-year-old daughter, WPVI-TV reports. 

The letter, addressed to 'our new neighbour' starts off by saying "if any of you understand English, which is spoken here in this country, then all of you in this house better pay close attention".

"We do not intend to put up with any type of [expletive] [expletive] from your kind of sub-human species," the letter reads. 

"If you make a lot of noise with your music, your trucks, vans, cars or kids we intend to firebomb your house."

"We did a few years ago to a home around the corner and we guarantee to do it again if you don't watch your step."

Ms Mella has since given the letter to police, who are now investigating.