Term 'womxn' used by London students to promote inclusiveness

Pink and blue gender symbols
Photo credit: Getty.

University groups from the UK have adopted the term "womxn" in an effort to avoid excluding particular groups of people, particularly transgender women and non-binary individuals.

Goldsmiths, University of London's student union, regularly promotes clubs and sports groups using the term "womxn", including a "Womxn's Basketball session" and a "Womxn's Fun Run".

And they're not the only college to do so, with Kings College London also using the term for their "Womxn in Physics Society."

The Womxn in Physics Society website said they aim to "act as a safe space for all minorities in the field of physics".

It was founded in 2015 "to address the issue of underrepresentation of womxn in the physics department at King's College London".

Trans model Munroe Bergdorf tweeted on Wednesday in support of the term, saying "GOD IS A WOMXN" after she appeared on Good Morning Britain to debate gender rights with Piers Morgan.

But use of the term has also been criticised online for being an unnecessary label, with UK journalist Rebecca Reid saying it puts transgender women in the firing line for hate comments.

"Trans women who already face enough hostility are held responsible for this pseudo woke erasure of the female experience, despite the fact they didn't ask for it," she said.

And other UK media have described the word as a "snowflake term" in headlines.

Urban Dictionary online describes womxn as "a spelling of women that is a more inclusive, progressive term".