'That saved me': How Aussie woman survived six days in the outback

Brooke Phillips (center)
Brooke Phillips (center) Photo credit: Blackstone Police.

An Australian woman has survived quite the ordeal, after being stranded in the desert for six days and resorting to drinking her own urine to survive.

Brooke Phillips was travelling by herself with her cat and dog to a community near the borders of western, northern and southern Australia, but her car became stuck after she took a wrong turn.

Thinking she wouldn't be in huge danger, she drank all of her water within the first night of being stuck.

All she had left in her car to survive the next six days was her windscreen wiper water, pasta sauce, coconut cream, a tin of tomatoes, lemon juice and red cordial.

Managing to collect a few millilitres of rainwater, it was on the last day that she knew in order to survive, she would have to drink her own urine.

Speaking with ABC, she said: "I won't lie, I drank my own urine on the last day because I was thinking I'm getting to desperate measures and no-one is coming out here... I suppose that saved me."

If the limited resources weren't enough for her to fear for her survival, temperatures in the nearest town of Blackstone were recorded at 35degC. 

To beat the heat, Ms Phillips tried to block out the sun by covering her windows with towels and used her air-conditioning until her fuel ran out.

Western Australian police were alerted to the missing woman by her family after a few days, and a land and air search involving 12 police and 20 community members was quickly under way.

After six days, her 16-year-old daughter and a group of community members in the land search found her 30km away from the nearest town.

Police told ABC she was incredibly lucky to have survived the ordeal, and that it was unfortunate that no one had driven past during the whole time she was stuck.

Ms Phillips told ABC she was rescued just in time.

"I was sitting in the car and I thought, 'If I have to do one more day, I just don't know if I'm going to make it'."


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