Trolley-man revealed to be homeless, says he acted on instinct

  • 11/11/2018

Reporters have uncovered the sad story behind an Australian dubbed "Trolley-man", who pushed a shopping cart into a knife-wielding attacker.

The attack happened at 4.20pm local time on Bourke St when Mohamed Khlaif crashed his Holden Rodeo and then set fire to it.

He then went on a rampage with a knife, trying to stab members of the public and police, before being shot in the chest.

Two people were taken to hospital with stab wounds after the attack, while a third victim died. Khlaif also died.

During the attack a quick thinking bystander grabbed a shopping trolley and pushed it in to Khalif as he attacked police, slowing him down.

Trolley-man fell to the ground as Khalif turned his anger on him. He then gets up and once again shoves the trolley towards Khalif.

Australia's Sunday Herald Sun managed to find Trolley-man, real name Michael Rogers, on a park bench 24 hours after he intervened in the tense situation.

The newspaper said Mr Rogers is homeless and did not have the means to replace his phone after it was smashed during the fight.

He later told 7News he believes his actions helped save lives.

"I've seen the trolley to the side so I've picked it up and I ran, threw the trolley straight at him, got him, but didn't get him down," he said.

"I did that motion quite a number of times but it just wasn't getting him down."

Local police have praised Mr Rogers, but warned people to be careful and leave police alone to let do their job.

"Look, you just have to be a bit careful about - in that situation how close you do get - because he could have been injured himself," Police Commissioner  Graham Ashton told Weekend Today.

"But certainly he was acting in the spur of the moment and looking to support the police."