UFO filmed 'feeding on lightning'

A UFO seen 'feeding on lightning'.
A UFO seen 'feeding on lightning'. Photo credit: Allan Diablo/YouTube

Footage of what appears to be a UFO getting struck by lightning has appeared online.

But it might just be an optical illusion.

The footage, first uploaded to YouTube by user Allan Diablo and shared by popular channel UFO Today, shows a dark object in the middle of a severe lightning storm.

It was uploaded on Friday (NZ time), but it's not known where it was shot.

"It clearly shows a triangular object floating in the sky during a major lightning storm," said UFO Today.

"It seems these mysterious objects are feeding on the 200,000 ampere lightning strikes to load their intergalactic batteries."

The channel suggests the triangular craft is what's known as a TR-3B, or 'black triangle' variety of UFO. TR-3B craft feature heavily in cult TV hit The X-Files.

But others aren't so sure. An analysis by SecureTeam10, another popular UFO channel on YouTube, concluded it was might just be a hole in the clouds - but still called it "something strange".

UFO Today in March uploaded what it said was the "best evidence" yet the TR-3B is a top-secret nuclear-powered craft built with alien technology - exactly the plot used in The X-Files.

Fox Mulder finds a TR-3B in The X-Files.
Fox Mulder finds a TR-3B in The X-Files. Photo credit: Fox
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