UK woman's devastating terminal cancer diagnosis after kidney transplant

Left: Ms Pauline Hunt; Right: Ms Hunt with her husband Gordon
Left: Ms Pauline Hunt; Right: Ms Hunt with her husband Gordon Photo credit: Daily Mail

A transplant patient was left distraught after being told she developed a terminal cancer from a donor kidney she received last year.

Pauline Hunt, 49, was told that she has cancer of the abdomen and lymph nodes, and has no idea how much longer she'll be alive.

"I've been told I am too ill for chemotherapy. I've lost my family members to cancer and know what awaits for me," Ms Hunt said, the Daily Mail reported.

Ms Hunt had to undergo an emergency surgery to remove her donated kidney, after a man in Newcastle reportedly died from cancer from a liver donated by the same donor.

"When I told that I had to have the new kidney removed because another organ recipient had died from cancer, I was panic-stricken," Ms Hunt told the Sunday Post. 

Ms Hunt received her kidney transplant at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland last year.

Days after the operation, she suffered worrying health issues and symptoms of life-threatening blood clots.

Much to her dismay, she later found out that her kidney donor - a 56-year-old woman - died after doctors failed to stop a blood clot from reaching her brain.

Her donor kidney was removed in February, and tests found that the transplant had "introduced a malignancy which had rapidly spread".

The former carer for brain-injured patients expressed her anger towards how the Scottish health system, failed to spot a cancer that is "so aggressive".

Ms Hunt and her husband Gordon have since hired a lawyer to investigate the case surrounding the medical negligence.