Cyclist defecates, aggressively throws poo at car driver in Canada

Reddit/rtlxxfmls poo
Photo credit: Reddit/rtlxxfmls

A cyclist has chosen a vulgar way to unleash their anger at a driver in the Canadian city of Victoria - throwing poo at the driver's windscreen.

A video posted on Reddit shows a man, whose bike is lying on the road in front of a car, kneeling down beside the car, picking up what seems to be poo and aggressively throwing it at the car's windscreen.

After picking up his bike, he appears to smash the car's right indicators before pedalling off.

The video is captioned as having been filmed at the Yates and Cook intersection in the Canadian city. It also suggests the car "may have knocked him off his bike".

John Loftus, a salesman at Pacific Mazda which is located near the intersection, witnessed the commotion, reports CTV Vancouver Island.

"I didn't see the car hit him or him hit the car," said Mr Loftus. ""[He] whipped his pants down, laid it down, and whipped it at the window like full chimpanzee mode".

Const. Matt Rutherford said the car driver and other witnesses were right not to get involved and said photos of the incident were helpful.

He also said that police were investigating reports that the cyclist may have opened the car door to abuse the driven "prior to defecating".


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