Anchorage earthquake pictures show roads disintegrated

  • 01/12/2018

Photos from Anchorage, Alaska have shown the sheer scale of the destruction wreaked on the state by an earthquake.

According to the US Geological Service, it measured magnitude 7 and was 41km deep. It was centred 12km north of Anchorage and followed by aftershocks measuring up to 5.7.

Lamp posts and trees swayed, boxes were knocked off shelves and some buildings have been cracked, Associated Press (AP) reports. Pavements buckled and ceiling tiles collapsed in some places.

Images posted to Twitter have shown the sheer scale of destruction, focussing on roads that have fallen apart and left cars stranded on top of rubble.

One image shows a car trapped on a plinth made of rubble, surrounded by collapsed road as onlookers assess the situation from a safe place.

Arial images of the damage show a road disintegrated roads and mountains surrounding it.

Another image shows a heavily damaged road, which a Twitter user says is Vine Rd between KGB and Parks Highway.

Another photo of Vine Rd from near Parks Highway shows the road collapsed around another trapped car, as traffic backs up on the road behind it.