Banksy artwork appears on Wales garage

  • 20/12/2018
A photo of the artwork.
Photo credit: Instagram/Banksy

Street artist Banksy has claimed a piece of art that recently appeared on a garage in Port Talbot, Wales.

The image shows a child with open arms playing in what appears to be snow, but turns out to be ash from a rubbish fire.

Banksy confirmed he was behind the art piece in a post on his Instagram account. The secretive artist shared a video of the artwork, captioning it "season's greetings".

Garage owner Ian Lewis is ecstatic with the piece, and hasn't slept due to fears somebody would damage it, the BBC reports.

"I am very pleased, I think it is a smashing bit of artwork. It is good for the town and I just want to protect it, and it is here for everybody," he said.

Even local politicians are pleased with the picture, which doesn't exactly show the local area in a good light.

"The placing of the work is very clever, in between the blast furnace and the M4, yards from where Richard Burton was brought up and where we've had bonfires for years," said Councillor for Aberavon, Nigel Thomas Hunt.

"You can look at the painting and see the furnaces in the background."

A fence has now been put up around the painting to protect it from curious viewers.