British pub apologises after banning 'vegans' and 'saboteurs'

A British pub has issued an apology to the vegan community after banning them during a Boxing Day hunt.

A poster appeared on The Dorset pub's window during the hunt - an event which often leads to violence and scuffles between supporters and protestors.

"Due to the hunt today, we regret to inform you that we will not be welcoming saboteurs or vegans in to the premises," the sign read.

"Kind regards, the management."

The notice lead to a backlash from angry vegans, who accuse the pub of being "discriminatory" and "not politically correct".

"Isolating and discriminating against their own customers? Really clever marketing ploy. Should be ashamed of themselves and boycotted," one person wrote on Twitter.

The pub's manager has apologised for the sign on Facebook, saying the ban was an attempt to keep the peace.

"This is not discrimination, just purely a rule put in place for a couple of hours over the hunt and the immediate aftermath to avoid the spread of disturbances from the town centre," Jack Walker wrote in the post.

"I was personally warned last night that a group of vegan protestors were planning to attend and would be looking to book somewhere to eat afterwards."

But it wasn't good enough for Harvey's, the brewery which owns The Dorset, which says disciplinary action is being taken against those involved.

"Following the comments generated by [the] inaccurate, insensitive and inappropriate poster, the company would like to issue a formal apology for any confusion, offence or upset it may have caused," it says.

"Harvey's do not concur with the sentiment of this sign in any way, and are appalled at the inconsiderate actions of the individual in question... [an] employee has been suspended pending an ongoing investigation.

"Harvey's are fully committed to the inclusivity of all guests. We... would like to reassure current and future patrons that all are welcome in our establishments. This will not happen again."