'Cigar-shaped' UFO in Texas mystifies internet

'Cigar-shaped' UFO in Texas mystifies internet
Photo credit: Youtube/Texas UFOs.

A floating 'cigar-shaped' object spotted in the sky in Keller, Texas, has sparked a number of theories.

'Texas UFOs' Youtube channel uploaded footage of the object, which was seen in the sky on November 19.

It's not exactly clear from the video what the object is, but comments suggested it could be a blimp, a cloud, a balloon, and of course an alien spacecraft.

One commenter claimed he saw the same UFO around 10 years ago.

"That's the classic cigar shaped UFO that I saw in the mid-90s over Reading, [Pennsylvania]."

"Even if it is a blimp from the distance, it was odd."

But some were more sceptical about it being extra-terrestrial, one person giving the scientific explanation that it could be "the remnants of the sunset behind a stratus cloud deck".

"You're just seeing the top of the sun."


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