Goose passes out after getting high on painkillers dumped in park

The goose and the pills.
The goose and the pills. Photo credit: Facebook/Wildlife and Wetlands Centre

A goose has been given emergency treatment after it came across hundreds of pills dumped on the ground in a California park.

A picture of the Canada goose shows it lying on its back with its feet up in the air and eyes wide open.

Animal refuge the Wetlands and Wildlife Centre said on Facebook on Friday (local time) multiple birds in the Huntington Beach area were showing signs of overdose.

"Our centre is currently treating a Canada goose and a ring-billed gull that are exhibiting symptoms, such as loss of muscle control, that coincide with illness most likely caused by ingesting these medications," it said.

Piles of pills discovered on the ground near the birds are believed to have been behind the poisoning. Photos from the park show hundreds of pills lying on the ground.

The centre said the birds it had taken in are recovering well.

"Both birds are doing well with treatment which mainly consists of pushing IV fluids through their system to flush it out. Thank you to those who took quick action to help the innocent birds at this park."

The centre said it's likely the birds currently being treated are not the only ones affected, as other birds may have eaten some of the pills and been able to fly away.