Man sues airline after getting finger caught in armrest

Man sues airline after getting finger caught in armrest
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An American man is suing after he got his pinky finger stuck in a plane armrest for nearly an hour.

Stephen Keys has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines and SkyWest Airlines alleging negligence, reports 7News.

Mr Keys' complaint says that during a flight from Reno to Los Angeles, his finger became trapped in a small hole under the armrest after he raised it to try and reach the belt strap.

He alleges that since the incident, he can no longer perform routine tasks such as driving and playing with his children.

It also alleges he experienced weeks of "intense pain and severe emotional distress".

According to the lawsuit, Mr Keys was unable to be freed until an airline mechanic disassembled the armrest.

The "humiliating public spectacle" is another reason that Mr Keys is suing.

A SkyWest spokesperson told 7News that "we worked with our partner American to reach out to Mr Keys regarding his bruised finger and look forward to swiftly resolving this matter".

"Due to the on-going litigation, we cannot comment further."