Pet French bulldog found dead inside carrier at Sydney Airport

  • 31/12/2018
Bruno the dog
Bruno the dog Photo credit: 7 News

A New South Wales family is demanding answers after their beloved family pet died on a flight back from Townsville.

Sydney couple Kristina and Neil Maccabee had taken their dog, six-year-old Bruno, along with them to visit family in Townsville. However, Bruno was found dead in his carrier at Sydney Airport, reports 7 News.

Virgin Australia has confirmed it is investigating. The airline says it followed all protocols and procedures while transporting Bruno.

But the couple say their beloved pet was left in his carrier on the hot tarmac for 40 minutes before they boarded.

Veterinarian Lizzie Gan told 7 News it can be tricky to fly with pets, and that breeds with flat noses - such as French bulldogs - are most at risk because "they have difficulty dispelling heat or expelling heat from their narrowed airways".

Virgin Airlines says that anyone flying with these types of dogs are required to sign a waiver acknowledging the risk they are taking.

According to Virgin Airlines, Bruno was in the appropriate baggage area, always in shade and had plenty of water. 

The airline said it was sorry to hear of Bruno's death and is taking the matter extremely seriously.