Watch: Dashcam captures horrific moment car piledrives Aussie cyclist

Video has shown the heart-stopping moment a cyclist was sent careening forwards after being hit by a car.

The cyclist was stationary at the front of a Sydney intersection when the car suddenly hit her and another pedestrian crossing the road in front, 7News reports.

Miraculously, she only suffered minor injuries despite the monumental impact the vehicle made with her.

The driver later tested positive for Methylamphetamine, a stimulant drug with similar effects to cocaine.

Eight bike riders have died on the roads in New South Wales this year, and groups are now calling for increased safety measures.

Bus drivers are in support of a mandatory one-metre passing rule, but cyclists want to go further, with some asking local police to set up a dedicated patrol unit targeting driver behaviour.

More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking for the New South Wales to fund it.

A similar programme in the UK has seen bike accidents and deaths reduced by 20 percent in two years.