Watch: Heroic rescue of man from burning vehicle by Texas police

Bodycam footage has captured the heroic rescue of a man pulled from the window of a burning vehicle by two Texas police officers.

In the footage, Deputies Carlton Carrington and Braedon Boznango can be seen pulling a man from the passenger's seat of his crash and burning car earlier this month.

After rolling him into a puddle of water on the ground, an arm each in their bare hands, the men dragged the unconscious driver away from the vehicle to safety.

"My first thought was we can't let this guy burn to death right in front of us," said Deputy Carrington.

"In my mind I've moved thousands of people from burning vehicles, but in my mind, I never factored in the heat."

The man was badly injured in the blaze - but because of the officers' bravery, he survived.

"I just tuned out all the ambient noise and focused on doing what needed to be done," said Deputy Boznango.

The humble duo was quick to downplay their heroic actions.

"It's what we do. It's our job, from the smallest thing to more severe cases like this," said Deputy Boznango.


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