Accidentally obscene Bunnings sign removed after going viral

An unfortunate-looking, handwritten sign has been removed from an Australian hardware store after it went viral for all the wrong reasons.

An eagle-eyed shopper took a photo of the sign at a Bunnings Warehouse in Rothwell, north Brisbane, and posted it to Facebook.

Whichever staff member had drawn up the sign (advertising LED light switches) had made an error of judgment in their placement of letters.

The phrase 'flick it' had been written in capital letters above the price - but the L and the I were a little too close together, creating the impression that the phrase actually read 'f**k it'.

Accidentally obscene Bunnings sign removed after going viral
Photo credit: Facebook / Adrian Chan

Customer Adrian Chan posted the photo, which garnered many amused comments.

"Do they also sell f**k it sausages at Bunnings?" wrote one man, in reference to the store's recently updates sausage sizzle safety regulations.

Bunnings Queensland North Operations Manager Kent Payne has responded to the online reaction to the sign. 

"Given the nature of our hand written signs, it is unfortunate that this Flick It switch label was misinterpreted," he said in a statement. "Once we were alerted, we removed it immediately and it was rewritten in clearer text."