Australian pranksters create underwater car

A group of Aussie larrikins have battled Australia's heatwave with an ingenious solution - an underwater car.

Social media personalities Danny and Michael Philippou and Jackson O'Doherty joined forces to create what they say is a world-first.

Video of their vehicle's performance has drawn millions of views after being published online - but police don't see the funny side.

The trio, along with mechanic experts Custom Imports, spent nearly two months modifying a  Ford Laser, ripping the inside apart and moving the electrics to the vacant sunroof. Even the dashboard was placed outside of the car.

"The indicators still work, the horn still works, everything just got rewired to the outside so there's no electronics inside the car," Danny Philippou told The Advertiser.

The interior was then sealed and filled with water before the pranksters took it for a run on the road.

Video posted to Facebook shows the vehicle slowly driving around Adelaide while jets of water shoot from the exhaust.

South Australia police told local radio station FIVEaa the incident is under investigation.


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