Australian Prime Minister mocked online for embarrassing Photoshopped image

Australian Prime Minister mocked online for embarrassing Photoshopped image
Photo credit: Twitter

Badly Photoshopped images appear to not only affect Instagram models, but also the Australian Prime Minister.

An image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison from his official website is going viral, after an eagle-eyed viewer realised his shoes had been bizarrely edited.

When glancing over the image, the Photoshop edit may not seem obvious, but upon further inspection it becomes obvious Mr Morrison's shoes have been replaced with a newer, whiter pair.

Not only do the shoes appear far clearer than anything else in the photo, but it appears Mr Morrison has been edited to have two left feet.

The faux pas, which is being called "shoegate" on social media, is an edit of a photo the Prime Minister released in a Christmas video last year of him and his family.

Referencing the seemingly revolving door of Australia Prime Ministers, one Twitter user made the humourous comment that it may in fact be the shoes that are real in the picture, and whoever is the Prime Minister at the time is just Photoshopped in.

Others took the opportunity to make further edits, including one of Mr Morrison in clown shoes.

A spokesperson for Mr Morrison said the image had been edited by the department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet without permission from the Prime Minister or his office, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. It has now been reverted into its original form.

Mr Morrison tried to make the best of it, sending out a tweet of his phone saying: "Message to my Department (PM&C): I didn't ask for the shoeshine, but if you must Photoshop, please focus on the hair (lack thereof), not the feet". It was accompanied by an image of the shoes pre-edit.


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