Australian sports star Sam Newman filmed in physical spat with skateboarder

An Australian sports broadcaster has been caught in a physical altercation with a skateboarder in Melbourne.

Sam Newman is shown on video repeatedly asking skateboarders to leave the South Wharf Steps, where skating is prohibited, on Saturday.

Eventually the 73-year-old steals one of the skateboards and refuses to give it back despite the rider's protestations, 7News reports.

He refuses to apologise as well, claiming the skateboarder got what he deserved.

"Dude are you police? Are you authorised take the law into your own hands? Tell me that," one skateboarder can be heard saying.

Things get physical when the skateboard's owner tries to snatch it back and Newman angrily wrestles with him.

"Dude yo, that's not necessary dude," one person says.

Newman walked away with the skateboard, shouting: "now f**k off". He later told 7News he acted out of concern for the public and to prevent facilities being damaged.

He said he has phone video showing the beginning of the altercation, where he claims to have been quite calm.

The skateboarders Newman fought with say his elbow connected with one of the group's head when they fought.

They reject claims they tried to create a clash due to the fact Newman is a celebrity.

"He started getting pretty aggressive so sort of pretty intimidating at the time," the skateboarder said.

"Now I know who he is but at the time we had no idea. Me and my friend don't follow football at all."


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