Australian woman bitten on bum by python lurking in toilet

Australian woman bitten on bum by python lurking in toilet
Photo credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane

The petrifying moment an Australian woman was bitten on her bum by a python while she was on the toilet has been revealed by a snake catcher.

Helen Richards was going to the bathroom in her Brisbane home on Tuesday when she felt something bite her "mid-stream" causing a moment of panic.

Without the bathroom light on she initially thought it was a frog but after further investigation she found it was a frightened Carpet Python that had nipped her.

"Unfortunately, the snakes preferred exit point was blocked after being spooked by the customer sitting down and it simply lashed out in fear," the snake catcher posted on Facebook.

Before the snake showed any further defensive behaviour, Ms Richards called the snake catcher who safely removed and relocated the scared animal.

"Fortunately for us, the customer remained calm and remembered not to flush the toilet, as flushing could cause the snake to retreat down into the pipes again."

Ms Richards told the snake catcher her "toilet habits have forever changed" and applied antiseptic spray on a few small puncture marks left by the snake.

The snake expert said finding a carpet python in the toilet was an uncommon occurrence.