Blind British bus passenger told to get off as 'guide dogs can't be black'

A blind British bus passenger and her guide dog were told to get off the bus because "guide dogs can't be black" and should instead be yellow labradors.

Megan Taylor, who has suffered from episodic blindness since suffering a head injury when she was 15-years-old, was on the bus in the northwestern English county of Merseyside on Monday (UK Time) when a woman approached her.

"Why is there a f**king dog on the bus? Get it off," the woman allegedly said, reports Metro.

After Ms Taylor explained her dog, named Rowley, was an assistance dog, she claims the woman called her a liar as "guide dogs are yellow labradors and your dog is black".

Although she explained that guide dogs can be any colour and don't have to be labradors, the woman insisted she was wrong.

"I decided at this point there was nothing I could say to educate this woman and that it wasn't worth my time... I instead chose to ignore her while she continued to talk nonsense," said Ms Taylor.

She said it wasn't the first time she had been abused on public transport.

"On other occasions I have been spat at, stepped over, pushed out of the way and accused of being 'another drunk youth' when losing consciousness due to my heart condition and neurological disorder," she said.

The dog helps Ms Taylor with daily jobs and can even phone for help if she loses consciousness.


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