Canadian couple buy NZ$2223 climate change-friendly cat-door

James Dean and Janet Allan.
James Dean and Janet Allan. Photo credit: CBC/Greg Rasmussen

A Canadian couple have paid $2000 (NZ$2223) dollars for an airtight built-in cat-door in their house that aims to fight climate change. 

James Dean and wife Janet Allan decided to splash out on the high-tech cat-door to complement their "passive house" in West Vancouver which exceeds building codes in terms of its energy efficiency, and reduces the building's ecological footprint, CBC reports. 

"I was in Austria at a passive house conference, and it was amazing seeing all these building products being built," Mr Dean told CBC. 

The term 'passive house' refers to energy-efficient homes. 

"One was a cat-door where you needed a certain insulation level, [it] needs to be airtight, and they have an actuator that opens the door for your cat."

The cat-door is just one component of the super energy efficient house that's costing over $3million (NZ$3.34 million) to build. 

The house requires little energy for heating or cooling and the couple are hoping it will emit zero emissions.


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