English man calls ambulance to report his partner cheating on him

A ridiculous call to an English ambulance service has been posted to Twitter. 

In the audio, a man asks for an ambulance to be sent to his house because his partner has cheated on him.

When asked if the patient is breathing, he replies "Okay, please, I'm just ringing because my partner has cheated on me."

The operator asks again if the patient is breathing multiple times, to which the man replies "everybody okay. I want you to come to my house to go to do DNA test".

After a brief pause, the incredulous operator asks "Excuse me? Why?"

"Because my partner, she cheated on me."

Keeping her cool remarkably well, the woman on the line explains to the man that "this is an emergency service, we don't do DNA tests."

However, the man doesn't appear to like this response as he begins to shout over the woman's attempts to explain that they "don't deal with domestic cases".

The operator, becoming terse, suggests that the man speaks to somebody else.

He asks "Can I get a number please?" to which the woman responds that she doesn't have the number for DNA testing.

The man then politely exchanges goodbyes with the operator and hangs up.

North West Ambulance Service posted the tweet, seemingly making fun of the call and asking "Really though?!"

Users on Twitter called the audio "Unbelievable", "ridiculous" and "a complete waste of time".

But there was support for the operator, with one user saying, "How she managed to deal with this idiot so calmly is beyond me! Well done!"