English teenager almost blinded after a microwaved egg explodes in her face

An English woman has been left temporarily blinded after an egg she was cooking in the microwave exploded in her face.

Courtney Wood, a 19-year-old from Newcastle, was cooking breakfast on Boxing Day when it happened.

"I had put some bacon under the grill and then I put an egg in a jug with a bit of water - as I have done before - and popped it in the microwave for a minute," she told The Sun.

When Ms Wood went to check on the egg, it exploded in her face. 

The teenager lives alone, and after the explosion she remembers screaming in agony, and running water over her face.

Once she realised the pain was not stopping, she called a friend for help.

English teenager almost blinded after a microwaved egg explodes in her face
Photo credit: BPM Media

"By this point, I couldn't see and I was screaming in pain. My friend came round straight away and he called 111 who told me to go straight to [accident and emergency]."

Doctors at the Royal Stroke University Hospital prescribed her morphine and applied wet gauze.

Ms Wood was informed her burns were superficial and wouldn't cause her permanent damage. However, she had scratched the surface of both corneas. 

"The sight in my right eye came back within 48 hours but I still can't see properly out of my left," she told The Sun. "Doctors have told me the sight in my left eye may not be restored for a week or maybe even longer".

Ms Wood says the explosion was "the worst pain I have ever suffered - it was horrific - and I would hate anyone else to have to go through what I have been through".

Scientists believe pockets of water inside hard-boiled eggs in the microwave can get superheated - and when the tension is released, the water expands suddenly - much like a grenade.