Fist fight on a flight from Australia to Singapore forces the plane to land

A flight from the Gold Coast to Singapore was forced to turn around after just two hours when a passenger grew belligerent and started fighting others.

A video of the fist fight was posted to Facebook on Monday by Gold Coast man Rico David Garilli. 

In the video, a man can be seen swinging furiously at another passenger as air hostesses plead with him to stop.

"After our flight was announced delayed, this guy started drinking heavy. About 20 minutes into the flight he starts becoming aggressive and had to be restrained after [the fight] kicked off," Mr Garilli wrote.

The footage shows that, as he continues to fight, other passengers step in to attempt to subdue him. 

According to Mr Garilli, the fight was not a targeted attack.

"He was so drunk and it seemed pretty random. He was going for multiple people."

Mr Garilli's fiancée, Emma Harrison, says she felt sorry for the flight attendants

"One of them got pushed over, and he was pretty horrendous to everyone. They had to put a shirt over his face once they restrained him to stop him spitting at people."

The man restrained on the floor of the plane
The man restrained on the floor of the plane Photo credit: Facebook/ Rico David Garilli

According to Mr Garilli the man was eventually subdued and restrained with cable ties so the flight could land in Sydney.

Another passenger, Bea Garcia, shared Mr Garilli's footage and added that she was not happy with how the airline dealt with the situation.

"Can't say I'm pleased with how [airline company] Scoot handled the situation especially the aftermath as we were expected to stay in airport chairs and not provided a hotel for the night," she wrote on Facebook.

"When we complained and explained that our flight was more than 7.5 hours away, we were simply told to email and complain. We didn't feel any sympathy.

"While I do not blame the airline for what happened with this passenger, I feel it was [their] responsibility and obligation to us, paying customers, to at least make our overnight stay in Singapore comfortable," Ms Garcia wrote.

A spokeswoman for the airline told the Daily Telegraph the decision to divert the 787 Dreamliner to Sydney was made on the basis that it would be "convenient for passengers".

The Australian Federal Police, accompanied by paramedics, waited for the man at Sydney Airport upon landing, reports NZME.



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