France's yellow vest protests enter 11th week

  • 27/01/2019

Scattered skirmishes broke out amid mainly peaceful yellow vest marches on Saturday in Paris as the movement kept up pressure on President Emmanuel Macron despite internal divisions and growing worries about protest violence.

Police fired tear gas on projectile-throwing demonstrators on the iconic Bastille Plaza in Paris, and used water cannon on both the protesters as well as fires that they had lit.

Multiple protests were held around Paris and other cities, the 11th straight Saturday of action prompted by Macron's policies seen as favouring the rich.

Armoured vehicles circled the Arc de Triomphe monument as a group of protesters weaved down the elegant Champs-Elysees, site of recent rioting.

Crowds also gathered at the columned headquarters of the lower house of parliament and a government ministry.

France deployed about 80,000 police Saturday against protest violence.


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