'Go vegan!': PETA to 'barbeque' dog in Sydney mall stunt

Happy black lab dog with enthusiastic expression and tongue
Photo credit: Getty

An animal rights activist group plans to 'barbeque' a dog in the Sydney CBD in an attempt to show people dogs are no different to lamb, cows or chicken.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activists plan to make the demonstration at Sydney's Pitt St Mall on Friday. 

"We have a barbecue chef there running through the motions of barbecueing a dog," PETA spokesperson Emily Rice told news.com.au.

The confronting stunt no doubt will draw some attention. The group won't really be barbequeing a dog but will have a designed prop instead. 

The group hopes the stunt will make people think about eating meat.

A banner reading "if you wouldn't eat a dog, why eat a lamb? Go vegan!" will accompany the 'barbeque'.

"We want people to think about why they're happy to love one animal but eat another," Ms Rice says. 

PETA is known for its confronting demonstrations and campaigns, with the plan to make people think about the choices they make when eating meat.


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