Grief-stricken father returns to beach where he found daughter Toyah Cordingley's body

The grief-stricken father of a young woman who was murdered last year has revisited the location where he found her body.

Toyah Cordingley, from Queensland, was 24 when she disappeared walking her dog on October 21, reports 7 News. Her father, Troy, discovered her body on Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns, the following day.

Ms Cordingley's killer has not yet been found.

On Tueday, Mr Cordingley revisited the spot on the beach for the first time since he found his daughter's body.

Mr Cordingley posted to a Facebook page set up to honour his daughter about his experience.

He wrote about returning to the beach, saying: "It was lovely to see people's tributes, and so hard to lay golden penda flowers where I found my little girl. We will never give up!"

The post shows Mr Cordingley and Toyah's mother standing next to a memorial on a tree that reads 'Forever Toyah'. The tree is surrounded with photos and flowers.

Another photo shows Mr Cordingley on his knees on the beach as he lays flowers at the spot where he found his daughter's body.

The post has received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments in support of Toyah's family.

Mr Cordingley has previously described the feeling of finding his daughter as "something a father should never have to suffer" in an emotional Facebook post, reports 7 News.

Toyah Cordingley
Toyah Cordingley Photo credit: Facebook

"Toyah is my only child. Finding her body has burnt an indelible image in my mind... I feel lost and empty inside but will always have the wonderful memories of those 24 years. 24 years, she should have had so many more"."



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