Heroic Australian girl viciously mauled while saving baby sister from dog attack

A seven-year-old Perth girl has received serious wounds after protecting her baby sister from a dog attack.

Ella Andrews spent two nights in hospital after shielding her 18-month-old sister Emily from the rottweiler attack, reports 9News.

The dog mauled her arm, causing serious wounds - she needed more than a dozen stitches.

When asked why she ran to her sister's aid, Ella said "I love her lots".

Her mother told 9News Ella saved her sister's life.

"I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't done that, I don't think Emily would be here today and that's the scary thing".

Emily escaped the ordeal with only minor bruising to her face, but the girls' parents want their story to serve as a warning for other dog owners.

9News reports that the local council gave the family three options for the dog owners; a verbal warning a $200 fine or have the dog destroyed.

But Ella says she doesn't want the dog destroyed, as it wasn't the dog's fault.

"I just want it to stay on a leash and for the owners to be more careful".

Her parents are considering legal action, and are meeting with the local ranger this week.



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