Incredible footage of a huge great white shark encounter in Hawaii

A team of researchers and conservationists have filmed their incredible encounter with a massive great white shark off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii.

In the interest of public safety, the location has not been disclosed, but the footage of the amazing moment has been shared.

In the video, the gigantic shark can be seen approaching divers. At one point, a diver can be seen holding hand-to-fin with the animal.

Reasearcher Ocean Ramsey told NZME the experience was "extremely special" as great white sharks are extremely rare in the area.

"This individual may be one of the largest recorded, and bears similar markings to 'Deep Blue', a shark I've studied in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, where I've done most of my work with white sharks."

"This gentle giant swam up and brushed against our boat repeatedly. There is a theory that large females come here when they are possibly pregnant trailing whales."