Israeli biotech company says it could cure cancer in a year

Stem cell culture
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An Israeli biotech company has said its preliminary research on mice has given it hope of curing cancer "within a year's time".

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies told the Jerusalem Post it has developed a drug to combat cancer, using peptides.

Peptides are compounds of amino acids linked in a chain, which the company is using to target and kill cancer cells in mice.

The chairman of the board of directors, Dan Aridor told the Jerusalem Post the company has high hopes for the drug.

"We believe we will offer in a year's time, a complete cure for cancer."

However, the company has only tested its drug on mice. It can take up to seven years to bring cancer drugs to market, even with special permissions from US regulators, reports CNBC.

The biotech company is yet to publish clinical evidence proving the treatment is effective in humans.

Its CEO Ilan Morad told the Jerusalem Post it had just finished its first mice experiment, which he claims was successful.

Before a drug can move from mice to humans, it must undergo rigorous testing according to the Food and Drug Administration.

First laboratory and animal tests must be performed.

If these prove effective, and safe, the drug can move into human trials. 

The results are then analysed by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research before it can be approved for sale.

So the cure for cancer could still be a while away.