Man discovers dozens of cockroaches crammed inside an old phone

An Australian man has made a horrifying discovery inside a phone.

Not many people still have landlines - and after seeing this, not many people will want them.

The unnamed man made a disgusting discovery while working at a property in Sydney.

He removes the cover of an old, dirty landline phone attached to the wall, and stumbles across a nightmare.

Inside the phone, crammed among the wiring are dozens of dead cockroaches. 

He shared his revolting discovery to Facebook, writing: "I took this video while working at a property in Sydney and thought maybe I should see what's in there as it looked dirty and was not working".

The video was then reposted to Reddit, where one commenter mentioned that this can be a common result after fumigating a house.

"They all crawl into tight little places to escape and then die."

Another commenter on Reddit shared a horrifying tip: "My husband does pest control and said that the number one place he finds cockroaches is inside people's microwaves and appliances. They love the warmth and can apparently survive a microwave".

Another user summed up the video, saying, "Thanks! I hate it".

Moral of the story is, if there's a landline or a microwave at your house, burn it.