Man pulls shotgun on McDonald's employee for forgetting sauce with fries

A US man has been arrested after allegedly pulling a shotgun on a McDonald's employee who forgot to give him hot sauce with his fries.

Eighteen-year-old Antonio Alonso Ballesteros had gone through the drive-through in Arizona when the mix-up with his order apparently occurred.

Enraged by the omission, Ballesteros stormed into the McDonald's and poured a soft drink on the employee who had served him.

The employee then followed Ballesteros back to his vehicle to take down his license plate number, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department told media.

In retaliation a furious Ballesteros allegedly pulled out a shotgun, chambered a shell and pointed it at the unnamed employee.

After he was arrested, he told police he was merely trying to "scare" the victim, Fox News reports.

He also blamed the worker for the incident, admitting he was upset he wasn't given his hot sauce but claimed the employee was going to pour coffee on his vehicle.

He has been charged with aggravated assault.


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