Melbourne daughters' shock as motorway sign crushes their mum's car

Nella Lettieri's car beneath the sign
Nella Lettieri's car beneath the sign Photo credit: 7News

A Melbourne woman has been hospitalised after a freeway sign fell and crushed her car.

Nella Lettieri was driving along the Tullamarine Freeway on Tuesday, when a large sign fell from overhead and crushed her car,reports 7News.

The 55-year-old has been hospitalised with injuries to her neck and arm, reports 7News, as well as facial injuries from her airbag deploying.

Ms Lettieri's car was written off, with every panel damaged and the roof caved in.

Her daughters, Stephanie and Claudia drove past the wreck on their way to visit their mother and were horrified at the sight

"We recognised it was mum's car and it was just squashed. I was preparing myself for some serious injuries. Considering the damage (and) her injuries, it's a miracle" her daughter Claudia told 7News.

Ms Lettieri's second daughter Stephanie told 7News the accident was a complete shock 

"You just never expect something like this to happen. She did say she ducked as soon as she felt something hit the car because she was worried it was a plane or something. So I think that saved her".

The Major Roads Projects Authority will investigate why the sign fell. Graeme Chambers from the authority says they will investigate whether any other signs are fixed in a "similar way" to the one that caused the accident.

Robyn Seymour of VicRoads said that the sign falling was "a really rare event" and that she was not aware of any other situations like it occurring.

The sign was installed 12 months ago, but the base showed signs of corrosion, despite being relatively new.

Investigations began on Wednesday evening, and delays are expected along the freeway.