'Miracle' 9-month-old British baby survives 25 heart attacks in 24 hours

Fauve Syers and baby Theo
Fauve Syers and baby Theo Photo credit: Facebook

A nine-month old baby survived 25 heart attacks in 24 hours - thought to be the most ever suffered in a day by a person in the UK.

Theo Fry was just eight-days-old when his fight for life began. 

In May 2017, his parents noticed that he was unusually sleepy, and was turning an ashy blue.

Fauve Syers and Steven Fry called an NHS helpline, and were told to take baby Theo to the nearby Salford Royal Hospital, reports The Daily Mail.

At Salford Royal, a team of 40 medical staff were waiting - but no one knew what was wrong with baby Theo, except that he was in critical condition.

He was rushed to Alder Hey hospital, in Liverpool where doctors diagnosed him as having an interrupted aortic arch, meaning it couldn't pump blood around his body.

Four days later, 12-day-old Theo had his first open heart surgery. 

As surgeons operated on him, he suffered a heart attack, and then another one as he spent three months recovering in the hospital. He also contracted sepsis, but fought through and was sent home in July 2017.

But his troubles were far from over.

In December, Theo was back in hospital with a dangerously high heart rate, reports the Daily Mail. 

He had another cardiac arrest and his heart stopped for 12 minutes. Over Christmas and through January, baby Theo had two more heart attacks.

On January 31, Theo survived 25 heart attacks in 24 hours. Ms Syers told the Mirror it was "horrific,"

"He was having attack after attack. I knew he couldn't take much more. Every time it happened, nurses would buzz for the arrest team. He had the most buzzers pressed overnight in intensive care anyone can remember."

The heart attacks prompted Theo's surgeon Dr Ramana Dhannapueni to operate. The operation was risky, with a chance Theo would die on the table, but without it, he wouldn't survive.

Dr Dhannapueni saw that Theo's left ventricle was choked by scar tissue, which was stopping it working. He was able to open the ventricle, and Theo made an immediate recovery.

The 9-month-old left the intensive care unit two days later. 

A year on, Theo is a normal, happy toddler. 

"Everyone who sees him says how happy he is," his mother told The Mirror, "It's incredible what he's been through. He's so strong."