Mother's final 'selfless' act after dying climbing stairs

"We lost something incredibly important in losing Helen."
"We lost something incredibly important in losing Helen." Photo credit: For the love of Helen / Wixsite

An Australian mother has been praised for her final "selfless" action after dying in a freak accident.

Helen Arkadieff was visiting the UK with her husband and two young sons to spend time with her father, who had been suffering from ill-health. But she died after a bizarre mishap left her with severe injuries.

"Helen was walking up stairs to go to bed when tragically she lost her footing and fell backwards - landing heavily. She had extensive head injuries and was unresponsive," a statement from the family reads.

"She was rushed to the hospital, spending days in a coma state while the medical staff cared for her. After days of prayer, vigil and medical assessment, unfortunately, there was nothing more the medical staff could do to heal the Helen we all love."

Her husband Murray says the medico-legal professional was "unselfish" and managed to help others with her final act - donating her organs.

Her loved ones have set up a tribute page and charity to help her family, who have been left with a new unfinished house.

"We'd love to help not only finish the house for this grieving family but help set up Murray and the boys for the next while so they can function without having to even think about all the things they will need," the page reads.

"We as family will do whatever we can to do this but obviously, in times like these, it's the tribe and community that provide the wave that can help to carry them through.

"If you know Helen, Murray and the boys - and are looking for ways to help show your love and support- this is how we'd ask it be channelled."

Memories of Ms Arkadieff are flowing from friends and family, who remember a woman who "followed her heart".

"She was content, proud of her family, sure and solid in who she was and what she loved," one person wrote.

"I will miss her and her presence in our family so much. We lost something incredibly important in losing Helen."

You can donate to the Arkadieff family here.


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