Perth mother of toddler filmed riding on roof rack 'distraught'

The mother of a toddler filmed riding on the roof rack of a car in Perth is said to be "distraught" after watching the footage. 

Shocked witnesses feared for the boy's life as he held onto a roof rack allegedly around 70kph.That roof rack was removed on Tuesday from the family's car and thrown away so he can't climb up again.

Child protection officers visited the boy's home and quickly left as the children weren't home, 7 News reports. 

It seems the family are unhappy with the attention, with someone at the home filmed by 7 News saying, "Go away". 

But the sight of the boy on top of the car won't go away. It was viewed hundreds of thousands of time online. 

The mother, 36, has been accused of endangering the 4-year-old's life, but will face only a fine - a maximum of AU$3000 for a first offence - when she's charged with dangerous driving. 

The boy's father told 7 News his wife is distraught.

"Every time she sees the video she breaks down," he said. 

He wants to know: "Why didn't someone pull in front of her to warn her, instead of filming?"

But the witness who filmed the ordeal over the weekend, Kyle Jansen, said the mother was "smiling when she drove past me - that's what actually struck me". 

It's believed the mother was unaware her child was on the roof until other drivers alerted her to the dangerous situation. Police were called and found the vehicle driving into a petrol station.

The Department of Community says it won't comment on this specific case, but when it comes to the safety of a child, it works alongside Western Australia Police with a coordinated response.

The boy is 4-years-old but his dad says he can't talk as he has autism. 

It's believed he climbed through an open window to the roof - child's play that luckily ended 11km later without anyone hurt. 


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