Pregnant transgender man speaks out on concerns about Texas hospital treatment

A pregnant transgender man has spoken out about his concern for how he will be treated when giving birth in a Texas hospital.

Wyley Simpson, who identifies as a transgender male, admitted to We TV's reality show, Extreme Love, the thought of giving birth had been scary and he was also concerned about how he would be treated while in labour.

"This is not something you're going to see every day, a man going through birth. But at the same time, we're still humans and [I want people] to know to call us by our correct pronouns and to respect us."

Mr Simpson's boyfriend Stephan Gaeth said they weren't entirely prepared for the birth and the many challenges that would follow.

"It's a little nerve-wracking... it's making it all feel like it's about to happen. I'm like, where's the birthing bag? We're not ready," said Mr Gaeth.

After his partner gave birth to a baby boy named Rowan Fox, Mr Gaeth said the "amount of support has been tremendous... That has helped me have confidence in parenthood," reports Daily Mail.

Mr Simpson was transitioning from female to male when he became pregnant, surprising the couple who believed he couldn't conceive a child as he had been taking testosterone since 2012.

"We talked about testosterone and what he had been told by his doctors and what we had believed to be truth. Turns out, that wasn't truth," said Mr Gaeth.

The pair admit they had considered putting the baby up for adoption, as they hadn't planned for biological children, but later decided to raise the child together as a family.

Mr Simpson had to stop his testosterone treatment in order to give birth, something he said was worrying.

"So that was my main scare, especially after being on it for so long. How it would affect me mentally, that was my main concern."


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