Pregnant woman stabs herself in the throat and survives

Ms Shier in hospital
Ms Shier in hospital Photo credit: Facebook

An Australian woman has narrowly escaped death after accidently stabbing herself in the neck.

Ashlee Shier was seven months pregnant at the time of the accident. 

She was in her home in Perth, cutting fruit for her two young children when she slipped on her pet dogs bowl at her feet, reports the Daily Telegraph.

As she fell, she tried to protect her baby bump, and ended up accidentally thrusting the knife into her throat.

Ms Shier told The Sun "At that point, I didn't realise it had stabbed itself right into my neck. I thought I may have just cut it or something small, but I felt wetness on my neck."

Her partner, 32-year-old Troy discovered her on the kitchen floor making a "horrible gurgling noise" as she tried to speak, and leapt into action.

He created a tourniquet out of a tea towel to stem the bleeding, and then called an ambulance.

Ms Shier believes it was his quick thinking that saved her, and their unborn child's life.

Ms Shier has started a donation page on Facebook to help raise money for her tracheostomy surgery, which has already raised over half of its goal.



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