Prince Philip back behind the wheel, thinks he doesn't need a seatbelt

  • 20/01/2019

Prince Philip has apparently been seen driving a new truck just days after crashing.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Land Rover collided with another car, carrying two women and a baby, on Friday (NZ time). He was uninjured, as was the baby, but one of the women broke her arm.

Photos taken by the Daily Mail appear to show the Prince behind the wheel of a brand new Land Rover, not wearing a seatbelt, driving into the main entrance gate to the royal Sandringham estate.

His wife the Queen has also been photographed in the past 48 hours driving without a seatbelt, the Mail reported.

Royal historian Kate Williams told Reuters on Friday it would be a blow if the incident ended Philip's driving days.

"He really loves driving and takes a great pleasure in it and were he not allowed to drive he would find that quite painful."

After 70, Brits must renew their license every three years. There is no upper age limit.


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