Refugee held in Australian detention camp dies

A man has died in one of Australia's refugee detention camps, after being told he would be deported.

The 33-year-old from Sierra Leone took his own life, Refugee Action Coalition said, after Australian media reported the death on Friday night.

He had reportedly been at the Villawood Detention Centre for three years, and had been diagnosed with psychiatric illness. His body was found at 6:30pm on Friday, in his room.

He had reportedly been taking part in a hunger strike with other detainees, now in its 12th day.

"It was an African bloke, a young bloke," detainee Ali Yousuf told RNZ. "He was seen by immigration and refused a visa. He wanted just to return to his family but they didn't let him, they wanted to deport him ... next week. And he killed himself."

"This is a completely shocking and unnecessary death," Refugee Action Coalition wrote on Facebook, saying the responsibility lies with the government.

"[He] should not have been in detention."

The man's body is now with the coroner.

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