Six-year-old American girl rescued after posting pictures of her dead father to Facebook

Six-year-old American girl rescued after posting pictures of her dead father to Facebook
Photo credit: WJRT

A six-year-old Michigan girl has been rescued from her home after she shared photos of her dead father on Facebook.

The child, whose name has not been released, sent the photographs to her grandparents via Facebook messenger. 

The photos showed her father dead, and her stepmother unconscious. It is believed they overdosed on drugs.

When police entered the girl's home to remove her, they were greeted by screaming. She told police that a pit bull had been biting her father's face.

He had been dead for 24 hours.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the girl had woken on Thursday morning and assumed her parents were still sleeping.

After splashing water on their faces and failing to wake them, the girl took photos of the couple lying on a mattress and sent them to her grandparents in Tennessee.

Her grandparents called police and the child was removed from the home at around 10pm on Thursday evening.

It is believed that the girl was unsupervised, and had gone without food for between 14 and 24 hours.

Mt Morris Township Police Chief Terence Green told WJRT that the situation is "tragic".

"At some point in time, she witnesses the dog causing damage to her deceased father."

Her father was dead at the scene, and her stepmother was hospitalised in a stable condition. 

The stepmother is refusing to cooperate with police, but evidence at the scene and a lack of physical trauma indicates a drug overdose.

Chief Green credits the girl with saving her stepmother.

"Thank God she was smart enough and has the intelligence to get on that phone and try to contact someone."

Now living with her biological mother, Chief Green says that the girl is still very upset after the incident.

Her father's death is being investigated by the Genesee County Medical Examiner's Office.



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